Supply Chain Management | MBA Concentration

Supply Chain Management MBA Concentration | Graduate

Solving Supply Chain Challenges With a Global Focus: 

The Supply Chain Management MBA Concentration provides students with domestic and international insights, challenges, and opportunities. 

The MBA SCM Program includes required core MBA courses plus three required and one elective Supply Chain Management course and one free elective.  The curriculum includes are of demand, supply, and logistics management.  Course subjects include procurement management, logistics management (including transportation and inventory management), production and operations research, project management, negotiations, e-Business, and global supply management. 

Required SCM Courses (3): 

  • Procurement Management 
  • Logistics
  • Global Supply Chain Management (Capstone) 
  • Production and Operations Research (required for all HU MBA students) 

Elective SCM Courses (1): 

  • Negotiations
  • Immersive Consulting Lab 
  • Statistics and Business Analytics 
  • Information Technology in Supply Chain Management 
  • Project Management 

The Howard MBA

Program Details 

  • Degree Classification: Graduate 
  • Related Degrees: M.B.A
  • Program Frequency: Full-Time 
  • Format: In-Person/Hybrid

1st Year | Fall

Fall Semester 

  • GECN - 503:   Economic for Global Business 
  • GMGT - 500:  Organizational Management 
  • GIST - 501:     Statistics & Business Analytics 
  • GACC - 500:   Financial Accounting 
  • _________:        Concentration/Elective

1st Year | Spring

Spring Semester 

  • GFIN - 500:     Financial Management 
  • GMKT - 500:   Marketing Management 
  • GIST - 502:     Productions/Operations Research 
  • GIST - 509:     Project Management**
  • GSCM - 501:  Procurement Management - Required SCM 

2nd Year | Fall

Fall Semester 

  • GIST - 500:      Principles of Information Systems***
  • GACC - 501:    Management Accounting 
  • GSCM - 590:   Logistics - Required SCM 
  •                         Concentration/Elective
  • __________:      Concentration/Elective 

2nd Year | Spring

Spring Semester 

  • GMGT - 590:  Strategic Management 
  • GSCM - 511:  Global SCM (Capstone) - Required SCM 
  •                         Concentration/Elective 
  • _______:           Concentration/Elective 
Supply Chain Management Concentration (GSCM)
3 - Core Courses Select (1) Elective
GSCM - 501 Procurement Management GSCM-504 Info. Technology in SCM (Spring)
GSCM - 590 Logistics GSCM-504 Government Acquisitions (Spring)
GSCM - 511 Global Supply Management (Capstone) GSCM-506 Negotiations (Fall)
GIST-520 Immersive Consulting Lab (Fall)

Graduate Course Descriptions | 2022

  • *Proposed for GTMBA Elective (Global Business Environment) or student can elect to take 12.0 credit hours instead of 15.0 credit hours.
  • **Revised course sequence for all full-time MBA students.  All full-time MBA students must complete the Project Management course in the 1st Year, 2nd Semester of study.
  • ***Tentatively scheduled; course may be switched to spring semester of the second year.

Required Courses: 

GSCM 501 - Procurement Management: Covers opportunities & challenges surrounding the management of procuring materials, products, assets & services by commercial & government entities using cases & tools

GSCM 590 - Logistics: Focuses on logistics management by taking a total system approach to move items/materials from origins to consumption using websites, articles, cases & industry news

GSCM 511 - Global Supply Chain Management: Course encompasses management of integrating all supply chain components from suppliers through manufacturing and ultimately to customers from a global perspective

GSCM 502 - Production and Operations Research: The course provides an overview, insights & importance of IT applications in the management of supply chain components from suppliers through manufacturing to customer

Elective Courses: 

GSCM 506 - Negotiations: The course focuses on approaches, tactics, relationships, strategies & preparations when acquiring goods & services to improve skills essential to managerial success

GIST 520 - Immersive Consulting Lab: Course provides hands-on management, information systems & supply chain experiential learning through global consulting projects with Corporate clients & coaches 

GIST 509 - Project Management: The course incorporates management concepts, processes & techniques for planning & controlling resources to accomplish project goals utilizing computer tools

GIST 501 - Statistics and Business Analytics: Statistics and Analytics introduces statistical analysis & modeling techniques critical to corporate business operations, finance, and strategy

GIST 502 - Information Technology in Supply Chain Management: Course including the study of manufacturing operations, planning, scheduling, forecasting & systems from a management perspective using textbooks, cases & analysis tools

GSCM 504 - Government Acquisition: Courses focuses on Management of Government contracting using the Federal Acquisition Regulations & other procurement approaches using cases, speakers & FAR tools 

GIST 505 - Analytics: Analytics introduces data management, visualization, analysis & modeling techniques plus content analysis & data mining via cases using open-source software tools