Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC)

Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC)

The Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC) was created as an academic-public-private partnership in the Howard University School of Business to develop cybersecurity professionals, conduct research, and support outreach to underserved communities.

Market Demand

Cybersecurity continues to be is one of the fastest growing career fields with the opportunities.    

  • Rewarding opportunities as a Cyber-Analyst, Application Security, Penetration Tester, Compliance Auditor 

Howard School of Business Cybersecurity Offerings:


  • Create a pipeline of diverse cybersecurity talent with the required business and technical skills.
  • Deliver innovative inter-disciplinary cybersecurity research programs and thought leadership.
  • Create partnerships and programs to support cybersecurity workforce development in underserved communities.   

Focus Areas

The HU Cyber Center is focused on four key areas:

  • Research Leadership – working directly with partners to address cyber security challenges (Cyber Risk, AI, Health IT, and Data Analytics).
  • Student Development – through the Cybersecurity Analyst Concentration, Certificate and Internship programs.
  • Workforce Development – through extra-curricular hands-on workshops, certification programs, and industry partner engagements.  
  • Cyber Lab –  Hands on training and collaboration center for cybersecurity skills development. 

Meet the Team

The CERC is part of the HU School of Business under Dean Wilbon with the following staff:

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