Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC)

Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC)

The Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CERC) was created as an academic-public-private partnership in the Howard University School of Business to develop cybersecurity professionals, conduct research, and support outreach to underserved communities.

Cybersecurity Offerings 

  • Cybersecurity Concentration 

  • Cybersecurity Certificate 

  • Programs, Activities, and Competitions 

  • Scholarships and Internships 

  • Research Projects 

Cybersecurity Center New | Spring 2022 Activities    

  • Lockheed Martin/Cover6 Cybersecurity Skills Workshop - Jan 4th & Jan 6th (complete)

  • HUSB Center Fair (HUSB Building – 1st Floor lobby) - Jan 26th  (complete) 

  •  Cybersecurity Speaker Series (Tyrone Wilson,CEO Cover6 )  - Feb 24th  @11:10am  Rm400  

  • SANS HBCU Black History Month CTF - Feb 25 - 28th 

  •  SANS HBCU Academy - Apply by Mar 1st 

  • European Cybersecurity Professors Panel  - Mar 17th  & 31st  

  • HBCU National Cyber League (NCL) scholarships registration - Apply by Mar 25th  

  • Cybersecurity Speaker Series - Apr 6th  @11:10am Rm 400  (tentative)  

  • National Cyber League (NCL) -  Individual Competition; Apr 8th – Apr 10th  (Virtual)

  • National Cyber League (NCL)  - Team Competition; Apr 22nd – Apr 24th  (Virtual)

  • Lockheed Martin/Cover6 Cybersecurity Skills Workshop:  May 2022 (tentative)  

Cybersecurity Center Goals

  • Create a pipeline of diverse cybersecurity talent with the required business and technical skills

  • Deliver innovative inter-disciplinary cybersecurity research programs and thought leadership

  • Create partnerships and programs to support cybersecurity workforce development in underserved communities  

Meet the Team 

The CERC is part of the Howard University School of Business under Dean Wilbon with the following Staff:

  • Associate Dean and Director | Dr. Rajni Goel ( 

  • Program Manager | Robert Burke ( 

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