Undergraduate Programs


The Accounting Curriculum which offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, encourages life-long learning and equips students for leadership roles in accounting, auditing, or other career paths.

Major in Accounting

Computer Information Systems 

The Computer Information Systems program provides the opportunity for students to study the integration of business and technology.  Students are challenged to used a variety of analytical techniques to solve problems with technology and create competitive advantage for organizations.

Major in Computer Information Systems


The Finance program offers a comprehensive, intensive, and rigorous curriculum for students who wish to pursue careers in corporate finance, investments, investment banking, commercial banking, financial analysis, personal financial planning, and other areas of the global financial services industry.

Major in Finance

International Business 

The International Business Program at Howard is one of the oldest in the US with its location in the nation’s capital, which is home to many international organizations, NGOs, and embassies.

Major in International Business


The Department of Management offers a curriculum designed to prepare its undergraduate students for entry-level positions in management and its graduate students for mid- and upper-level positions in the management of the managing functions in an organization.

Major in Management


Specialization in Marketing gives the student the breadth of exposure to and depth of immersion in Marketing needed to understand how for-profit and non-profit organizations need to operate successfully and be productive and efficient in a market-oriented economy.

Major in Marketing

Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management program is focused on creating professionals who can organize and manage the follow of information and materials needed to bring goods and services to the end consumer. Students will understand and apply numerous techniques and technical skills to better align processes needed to make services run properly and efficiently. 

Major in Supply Chain Management