Warner Music|Blavatnik Center for Music Business


The Warner Music and Blavatnik Center for Music Business Education offers a one-year fellowship program for high potential students interested in pursing business careers in the music industry and provides fellows with coaching, specialized curriculum, mentorship, and experience working with influential partner organizations. 

The center develops world-class curriculum, career readiness training, executive-in-residence and certification programs for students.  Through the center, music executives participate in a series of fireside chats, master classes and other programming that exposes students to the lived experiences of working in the industry. 

Fellows will participate in unique learning opportunities to include programs, company visits, and lectures related to the business of music. 


  • All majors welcome for graduating undergraduate and graduate students
  • All students must be in their last year of studies
  • High-performers with demonstrated interest for working in the music industry
  • Passion for learning

Overall Goals 

  • Prepare Howard Students for Success in the Music Industry
  • Career Placement
  • Create Advocates to represent our community's interests in the Music/ Entertainment Industry
  • Create advocates of CHANGE

Immediate Goals 


  • Orientation
  • Monthly Lecture Series
  • Increasing Partnerships
  • Student / Mentor
  • Industry Exposure
  • Executive In Residence

Requirements for Fellowship 

  • 2.5 lab hours in The Warner Center
  • 3 hours per month designated one on one time with Warner Music Mentor / Accountability check-in on the last day of the month/ every month
  • Chart Metric Course -Students must attend every session and pass a knowledge test at the end of the Spring Semester
  • Fellows are privy to attend Monthly lecture series sponsored by the Warner Music/ Blavatnik Center for Music & Entertainment Business at Howard University
  • 8 (eight) 2-hour modules w/ documented assignments taught by Industry Experts / Instructors

Director: Professor Young

email: jasmine.young@howard.edu 


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