Strategic Plan


The vision of the School of Business is to be recognized for excellence in providing a superior global business management education and in graduating potential leaders with outstanding abilities, motivation, and creativity. The School of Business seeks to become a world leader in the development of new knowledge and solutions to major business and social problems.

Social Impact

The School's vision, strategic initiatives and research seek to create impact towards "Decent Work and Economic Growth," following Sustainable Development Goal #8 developed by the United Nations:

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, regardless of background, race or gender."

Business School Core Competencies

  1. Strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
  2. Effective communication skills.
  3. Technology literacy for decision making and business applications.
  4. Appreciation and application of entrepreneurship.
  5. Ethical decision making.
  6. Awareness of global factors impacting business.

Strategic Goals

1. Enhance Academic Excellence

Student Development
Academic Rigor
Faculty and Staff Training

2. Inspire New Knowledge

Innovation in Instruction
Cross Disciplinary Programming
Certificate Programming

3. Serve Our Community

Collaborative Partnerships
Service Learning
UN Sustainable Development Goals

4. Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness

Process Improvement
Customer Service

5. Achieve Financial Sustainability

Corporate Sponsorships