Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of alumni, corporate partners, and other community members, the School of Business is able to offer scholarships to its students each year. These students must apply to these opportunities on an annual basis. The Office of Student Affairs releases an "Endowed Scholarship Application" to students each year, normally in January, so that currently enrolled students may apply for scholarships, which would be awarded in the following year. 

Scholarship amounts vary, but typically range from $500 to $10,000 based on several factors:

  • Student need
  • Academic standing and performance
  • Quality of application and contribution to their field of study and education at Howard University School of Business 

A committee reviews applications every spring and award decisions are made during the summer. To receive awards, students are required to:

  • Remain in good academic and judiciary standing
  • Remain enrolled in the Howard University School of Business for the semester(s) of the award
  • Submit to the Office of Student Affairs a well-written thank you letter to share with the donor
  • Upload a photo, resume and thank you letter copy to BisonWeb
  • Accept the scholarship award in BisonWeb

The university makes every attempt possible to ensure that students are not "over-awarded" scholarship funds. Students who have sufficient scholarships and grants to cover all educational expenses will not likely receive an award. In the case that an award is made, it may result in the reduction of another award by the Office of Financial Aid to avoid "over-awarding." Please consider your actual level of need when applying.

The funds are called Endowed Scholarships because most are funded with an initial contribution in excess of $100,000 and awards are made using the interest earned from these funds. This method of giving ensures that funds will never run out, but will be available to continue supporting students' education for decades to come. The School of Business has awarded an average of $400,000 per year in the 2018-2021 academic years and welcomes new donors to support our students.

How to Apply:

  • Check your HU email for information from the Office of Student Affairs in January and February. We will send several notices!

How to Give:

  • Contact the Office of the Dean at businessdean@howard.edu or the Office of Student Affairs at 202-806-1663.

How are Endowed Scholarships Funded?

  • Howard University’s School of Business Endowed Scholarships are comprised of numerous individual accounts established to fund scholarships, and consistent educational resources to support current students. These Endowed Scholarships provide critical support for students in need and offer the promise of consistent resources into the future.
  • Individual endowed funds are created by donors with a gift of at least $100,000 and are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of students within the University. Scholarships are awarded using the interest earned from these funds, ensuring that the base contribution remains present to provide resources in future years. Endowment fund spending is typically restricted by the donor’s designation to specific programs, centers, departments, schools, and colleges.
  • Principal endowment funds are invested in a diversified portfolio and managed by carefully selected outside money managers. Endowment income grows over time and provides a steady stream of income.
  • Students who need financial assistance for tuition, housing and fees are encouraged to apply. Applications are typically accepted January through March of each year from continuing students in good standing. These are reviewed individually to ensure financial need, satisfactory academic standing, excellence in business pursuits, and a match with donor requirements/preferences.
  • In the 2020-21 academic year, approximately $275,000 in funds have been awarded to approximately 100 students from over 30 endowed scholarship funds. These awards range from $500 to $8,000.
  • We would like to thank the many donors that continue to support the mission and vision of Howard University and the promise of our students.
  • Current students interested in applying, please read the email communications shared by the Office of Student Affairs throughout the year for notifications.