Cybersecurity Course Offerings

Course Offerings (Concentration or Certificate)

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The Cybersecurity Analyst Concentration and Certificate programs are available for currently enrolled undergraduate Howard University School of Business students interested in careers in cybersecurity. Students can earn a Concentration or Certificate by completing the following courses:   

Course Requirements - In Addition to your Major:  Concentration 
(IS Majors) 
4 Classes 
(SCM Majors) 
4 Classes 
(Bus School) 
4 Classes 
INFO 210: Intro to Software Design    Required in Major X X
INFO 391: Introduction to Information Security  X X X
INFO 393:  Network / Internet Security   X X X
INFO 395: Information Assurance   X X X
Elective - INFO 384: Business Analytics    Pick 1    
Elective - INFO 397: Immersive CyberSecurity Lab/Capstone   Pick 1    
Legend:  IS = Information Systems ; SCM= Supply Chain Management   

Cybersecurity Concentration/Certificate Program Outcomes:

  • Establish a core understanding of the fundamental concepts, technologies, and processes that are aligned to industry standards (NCAE-C Knowledge Units). 
  • Develop basic hands-on skills needed for entry-level cybersecurity roles  
  • Provide exposure to cyber technologies, competitions, real-world projects, and industry partners