Warner Music | Blavatnik Center For Music Business Fellowship Program

Howard University School of Business | Warner Music Group 

Warner Music Group

Information Session 

  • A paid fellowship to prepare Bison for management positions in the music industry.
  • Students will receive a tuition stipend for the academic year.

Curated Learning 

Students will participate in unique learning opportunities to include programs, company visits, and lectures related to the business of music.


This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students across campus with a business major, minor, or concentration who are scheduled to complete their degree in May 2022 and have a demonstrated interest in working in the music industry.

Executive in Residence 

Executive experts will lend their specialized knowledge and experience to students related to the industry.

Industry Certification

Students will gain a specialized skillset related to the business of music and receive a certificate as a result.

Job Placement 

Dedicated professionals will assist students in finding jobs in the music business industry. Students will also be paired with seasoned mentors in the industry.

Please apply to become a Warner Music/Blavatnik Center For Music Business Fellow. This Fellowship targets high potential students interested in pursuing business careers in the music industry and will provide fellows with coaching, specialized curriculum, mentorship, and experience working with influential partner organizations.