Howard University's School of Business has an impeccable and rich history of contributing to this country's lasting economic success and the global business community.

However, a noble history is not of much value unless there is a visionary investment in our future. The support of private philanthropy is a critical resource that helps us to empower students, build a world-renown faculty, produce impactful research and continue our mission of developing a generation of pioneers that will collectively break new ground. Individual support from our alumni and friends make the distant dreams of so many become a focused reality.

All gifts are significant. Donors may contribute in a variety of ways by choosing to:

  • Apply your gift to an unrestricted fund
  • Our special programs (e.g., 21 CAP and Honors)
  • Student scholarships
  • Department activities, or
  • Special projects

With your support, the values that unite all Howard stakeholders -- excellence, leadership, truth, and service -- will continue to elevate the School of Business to an elite entity that will launch the next dynamic entrepreneur, groundbreaking product, or world-changing organization. We need you, the country needs you, and the world needs you. Thank you for your support.