Faculty Advising | FAQ


Q: How do I know what classes I need?

A: Download a copy of your major's advising worksheet to your local device. Open it in Excel and fill in all grades received. Your faculty advisor can provide any necessary guidance, but you must fully complete the worksheet. Approved electives are listed on the website.

Q: How do I call my advisor on Teams?

To call a faculty member via MS Teams: Go to teams.microsoft.com or phone app and login using HU email credentials. Click the 'Calls" icon and search for faculty member’s name.

Q: My faculty advisor is not responding. How do I proceed?

A: Please allow faculty advisors no less than 48 hours to reply to emails. Note the faculty's office hours on campus. You may seek additional assistance from the department's chairperson or coordinator.

Q: What about BisonAdvisor and DegreeWorks?

A: The School of Business is actively working with the university to update DegreeWorks and BisonAdvisor, but they are not completely accurate. Please follow the PDFs provided on our website for degree requirements, prerequisites and advisor assignments.

Q: I am graduating this semester.  How do I apply?

A: The School of Business Office of Student Affairs will directly email all prospective graduates with full instructions on graduation. Keeping an up-to-date advising worksheet is the best way to prepare for the graduation process.