Graduate Student Organizations

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Graduate Business School Council (GBSC)

The Graduate Business School Council (GBSC) was established in 1995 and serves as an umbrella organization to all MBA students to ensure a quality experience and act as the communication liaison between all stakeholders. GBSC seeks to promote professionalism and personal growth among the graduate students at the Howard University School of Business through pursuing and encouraging academic excellence amongst HU business students, organizing and coordinating activities that provide contact with the professional community, and maintaining a renowned faculty and highly-skilled, diverse and competitive students.

Graduate Finance & Investment Club (GFIC)

The Graduate Finance and Investment Club is one of HUMBA’s premier student-run organizations, with an active membership of over 30 students. GFIC’s goal is to prepare students for finance-related careers including but not limited to, investment banking, corporate finance, investment management, commercial banking, and sales and trading.

Graduate Marketing Association (GMA)

The Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) unites students who share a passion for marketing. GMA members bring a diverse range of personal and professional experiences that will enhance members’ understanding of the business as a whole. GMA’s mission is to promote Howard University’s marketing program by educating students on emerging trends, fostering relationships with global organizations, and keeping abreast of various career opportunities.

Supply Chain Management Student Association (SCMSA)

The Supply Chain Management Student Association empowers its members to proactively build relationships with industry professionals. In conjunction with the Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management (CESSM), SCMSA students are afforded opportunities to hear a diverse set of lectures from high-level executives from top companies.

If you are interested in working with or learning more about the Graduate Student Programs or clubs, please contact the Office of Graduate Programs directly at 202-806-1725.