Strategic DEI Leadership Program

Strategic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Executive Certificate Program 

Howard University School of Business, Executive Education Programs

(*This program can be tailored to address or unique client needs) 

Spring | Summer 2021


The Strategic Diversity Equity and Inclusion Executive Certificate Program at the Howard University School of Business prepares corporate and organizational leaders to lead, inspire and manage high-impact DEI and cultural transformation initiatives. 

  • This program is designed and presented by HUSB scholars and executive practitioners and addresses the emerging best practices and latest research in leading effective DEI organizational initiatives. Leaders who participate will enjoy studying with Howard University’s advanced instructional teams, discussing best-practices amongst executive peers, working on a DEI capstone initiative they can implement, and will leave the program with the knowledge to lead DEI change within organizations.

Key Benefits

  • Receive an executive certificate in DEI strategy from one of the world’s leading institutions in social justice.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the benefits of fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Review essential strategies and tools to develop, analyze and lead effective DEI initiatives.
  • Develop advanced skill-set in making management level DEI decisions, and ability to report outcomes.
  • Engage with a world-class instructional team of HUSB scholars and executive practitioners.
  • Collaborate with a cohort of experienced DEI and executive leaders from the U.S., and around the world on course lessons, business cases, and best practices.
  • Online delivery allows for the convenient and safe engagement of participants.

Who Should Attend 

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion managers and leaders
  • Mid-level managers and senior executives
  • Human resources managers and senior professionals
  • Organizational consultants
  • Executive and leadership coaches

Program Delivery 

  • Online Registration and Payment
  • Pre-Course Readings & Capstone Project Information
  • 5 Day Live Online Zoom Instruction, Daily Capstone Team Meetings, Final Capstone Project
  • Capstone Team Presentations – Panel of Faculty, Senior Executives, and Cohort
  • Post-Course Implementation and Impact Session


Program Curriculum 

Pre-Course Assignment: (2 weeks prior to course launch)

Introduction to Capstone Team Assignment

  • Leadership teams identify, design, select and develop a DEI initiative. Teams will review program design, potential data and financial analysis, implementation, and how they will measure impact.

Day 1

  • Module 1: Why Diversity & Inclusion Matters: (Individual, Organizational, Societal Impact)
  • Module 2: The Diversity & Inclusion Business Case in the “Next Norm”
  • Evening: Capstone Team Meetings

Day 2

  • Module 3: Understanding Unconscious Bias and Its Impact on Organizations
  • Module 4: Managing and Leading Transformational Change
  • Evening: Capstone Team Meetings

Day 3

  • Module 5: Recruiting & Retaining Diverse Talent
  • Module 6: Understanding & Leading Diverse Generations
  • Evening: Capstone Team Meetings

Day 4

  • Module 7: Understanding Digital Inclusion and Biases
  • Module 8: Measuring and Reporting Diversity & Inclusion Impact
  • Evening: Capstone Team Meetings

Day 5 

  • Team Capstone Presentations (Executive / Faculty Panel Feedback)
  • Closing Discussion & Presentation – Each participant selects one area they will address after immediately after the course.
Post Course Discussion (21 Days) | Implementation and Impact Updates 
  • Cohort reconnects for 2-hour follow-up implementation and impact discussion