Center for Career Excellence

Center for Career Excellence

The Center for Career Excellence is the premier career services center specific to the School of Business at Howard University.

Center for Career Excellence Offers: 

  • Career Coaching 
  • Corporate Information Sessions 
  • Mock Interviews
  • Professional Development Workshops 
  • Resume Review and Cover Letter Critique
  • Various Other Advisement and Career Instruction Development  

We are located on Howard University's Main Campus:

Howard University School of Business

2600 6th Street NW Ste. 236

Washington, DC 20059 

*Our Office is located on the Second Floor of the School of Business* 

We have a team of dedicated staff and graduate assistants ready to service the needs of both our students and corporate partners as they engage on-campus. For more information, please contact 202-806-1714 or email .


Office of Career Services 

The Office of Career Services is Howard University’s official career services office charged with a mandate to deliver career programs and services that augment classroom instruction to produce career-ready graduates who are equipped to transition, with ease, from school to the world of work.

Office of Career Services