Marketing | Undergraduate BBA

The Marketing Program, which offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, gives the student the breadth of exposure to and depth of immersion in Marketing needed to understand how for-profit and non-profit organizations need to operate successfully and be productive and efficient in a market-oriented economy.

The course-work offered:

  • Are constantly updated to be current with where the best in the field of marketing is at any given point in time.
  • Cover the broad scope of the field of marketing, including its major subspecialties.
  • Go into considerable depth in each of these sub-specialties so as to thoroughly prepare our students to operate successfully in the field of marketing once they graduate from our programs.

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Degree Schemes, Requirements & Concentrations

View the scheme below based on the semester entering the Marketing degree program. Refer also to the School's Academic Policies.

Marketing BBA

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View the advising worksheet below based on the semester entering the Marketing degree program. Refer also to the School's Academic Policies.

Marketing BBA

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About the Program


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Dr. Abhijit Roy

Department Coordinator
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Ms. Dionne Odom




The Marketing BBA program will provide students with the capabilities, knowledge, skills and training that is necessary to excel in the theory and practice of marketing and thereby, to succeed in attaining and maintaining leadership roles in marketing and its sister disciplines. To fulfill this primary role, we seek to hire, develop and maintain a cadre of world-class, distinguished faculty, who through their fundamental, path-breaking and pioneering research, will constantly advance the breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of marketing. We envision that our faculty will not only educate and inspire our high-potential students to pursue, excellence in the field of marketing, but we also envision that this same faculty will lead the field of marketing, by serving as thought leaders, pioneers, trail-blazers, researchers and scholars, in the various sub-specialties of marketing in which state-of-the-art research is carried out in the field of marketing today.

Assurance of Learning

  1. Define marketing and develop an understanding of important marketing terms and concepts.
  2. Identify the role and impact of the marketing mix variables.
  3. Appreciate and integrate the ethical and social dimensions of the market.
  4. Demonstrates proficient marketing research and management skills.
  5. Make basic marketing related decisions.
  6. Design a marketing plan for a business.

The HU School of Business follows a comprehensive and multi-faceted assurance of learning process in accordance with AACSB standards. All degree programs are assessed by direct measures on the “Business School Core Competencies” and respective “program learning goals” created by Department faculty. Assessment questions are created by faculty and distributed by the Office of the Associate Dean to seniors at the end of their matriculation. The Office of the Associate Dean then reports the data to the Department faculty, who will review and identify any improvement strategies based on the desired target. After implementation, and alongside any surveys determined necessary to any stakeholders, the Office of the Associate Dean will again send the original assessment questions to seniors at the end of their matriculation. Occurring on a staggered, 5-year cycle, this plan “closes the loop” in the year-to-year continuous improvement but also closes the larger “loop” by assessing across the 4-year matriculation cycle.

Assessment Cycle