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The Finance program offers a comprehensive, intensive, and rigorous curriculum for students who wish to pursue careers in corporate finance, investments, investment banking, financial analysis, personal financial planning, and other areas of the global financial services industry. Since 1970, over 35, 000 alumni have graduated from this department and represent the largest number of African Americans on Wall Street. The Finance program offers students two concentrations within the major: Risk Management and Insurance, and Actuarial Science. Howard University is the only Historically Black College or University (HBCU) to offer an insurance concentration. 

The department is also affiliated with the two professional industry centers: the Center for Insurance Education and the HPS Center for Financial Excellence.

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Degree Schemes, Requirements & Concentrations

View the program of study below based on the semester admitted to the University. Refer also to the School's Academic Policies.

Finance BBA
Finance BBA with Concentration in Actuarial Science

Study mathematics, statistics and financial theory to quantify risks, especially related to investments, consumer demand, illnesses, and accidents while preparing to pass actuarial exams and work for consulting firms, insurance companies, and the government. Requires INSU 350, INSU 351, INSU 352, INSU 354, MATH 190 and MATH 193.

Finance BBA with Concentration in Risk Management & Insurance

Study a variety of subjects related to risk management and insurance with a focus on professional training requirements in the insurance and financial services industry to gain career opportunities in the business community and the government. Requires INSU 350, INSU 351, INSU 352 and INSU 354.

Concentrations are an area of focus in the major discipline. Coursework is fulfilled through required major electives and included in the original 120 credit hour degree requirements. It does not appear on the official transcript.

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Interim Chairperson
Dr. Etta

Dr. Maru Etta-Nkwelle

Department Coordinator

Ms. Kimbalita Lancaster




Consistent with the missions of the School and University, the mission of the Finance BBA program is to provide a high-quality education in the fields of finance, real estate and insurance with a particular niche of assisting students to find a career path in the financial service industry, including commercial/investment banking, real estate and insurance. This program aims to prepare the next generation of minorities to work as financial experts and business executives.

Learning Goals

  1. Understand time value of money concepts and their applications to capital budgeting and valuation. 

  2. Analyze the relationships between risk and return for the development of a portfolio and making capital budgeting and investment decisions.

  3. Analyze and interpret the interrelationships between interest rates and financial securities. 

  4. Develop, analyze, and use spreadsheets for financial analysis.