International Business

International Business | Undergraduate BBA

The International Business Program at Howard University School of Business is one of the oldest in the United States. With its location in the nation's capital, which is home to many international organizations, NGOs, and embassies. 

This proximity to a rich international environment provides students with ample experience of international exposure and international internship opportunities.

The International Business Program has two types of sequences: Regional or Functional.

View the program of study below based on the semester admitted to the University.

Functional Sequences




Information Systems




Supply Chain

Regional Sequences


Emerging Nations


Latin America

Middle East & North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa


Consistent with the missions of the School and University, International Business (IB) Program at Howard University is mindful of how international business education better serve minority and first-generation students pursuing well-rewarding positions. IB program enable skills development to be more accessible to minority students to serve the nation and international community. The program is committed in educating next generation of internationals. IB is anchored in core values of the University of ethically aware and socially responsible individuals in a changing, dynamic world. IB program is dedicated to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education and skills set for our students. It fosters critical thinking and life skills for International Business Students.

Program Learning Goals

  1. Develop language skills and demonstrate proficiency in the language.
  2. Understand diverse hedging instruments associated with foreign exchange risk management.
  3. Understand global implementation of 4 P’s (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion).
  4. Develop and implement global strategy of both multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises.
  5. Understand and develop a country’s attractiveness (benefits, cost, risk) for international business financing and investment.