Marketing | Undergraduate

The Marketing Program, which offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, gives the student the breadth of exposure to and depth of immersion in Marketing needed to understand how for-profit and non-profit organizations need to operate successfully and be productive and efficient in a market-oriented economy.

The course-work offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels:

  • Are constantly updated to be current with where the best in the field of marketing is at any given point in time.
  • Cover the broad scope of the field of marketing, including its major subspecialties.
  • Go into considerable depth in each of these sub-specialties so as to thoroughly prepare our students to operate successfully in the field of marketing once they graduate from our programs.

Program Details

  • Degree Classification: Undergraduate
  • Related Degrees: B.B.A.
  • Program Type: Major
  • Program Frequency: Full-Time
  • Format: In Person

Degree Requirements

Here are some of our featured courses:

  • Consumer Research 
  • Marketing Analytics 
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy 
  • Marketing Research