Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management | Undergraduate

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) major is one of the two academic programs offered in the Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management.

The SCM major focuses on preparing students with the necessary skills for successful SCM leadership roles in global corporations and government entities.  The Supply Chain focuses on how to organize and optimize all of the information and process flows necessary to bring goods to market. Our students focus on understanding the supply chain at both grand and micro levels, which equips them to identify issues in processes, make informed decisions about how to source materials and select vendors, and be well versed in logistical planning and negotiations.

SCM majors are typically very organized and analytical thinkers. The ability to analyze and focus on the intricate details is essential in contributing to the Supply Chain area. The SCM major is in high demand, especially given the focus on getting both products and services to customers around the world quickly and with exceptional quality. Students with this major can leverage their skill set to work in any industry and contribute very easily in a variety of settings.

The Center for Excellence in Supply Chain at Howard University focuses on continuing to keep the Supply Chain program cutting-edge and engages with several Advisory Board companies to assist with programming, curriculum, scholarship opportunities, internships, and full-time opportunities, and mentoring.

Program Details

  • Degree Classification: Undergraduate
  • Related Degrees: B.B.A.
  • Program Type: Major
  • Program Frequency: Full-Time
  • Format: In Person

Degree Requirements

Major courses in the SCM major include:

  • Introduction to Logistics 
  • Negotiations
  • Procurement 
  • Project Management 
  • Supply Chain Integration (Capstone) 

Potentional jobs for SCM major include:

  • Inventory Specialist 
  • Logistics Analyst 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Procurement Analyst 
  • Purchasing Agent/Assistant 
  • Senior Buyer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Transportation Coordinator 

Center of Excellence in Supply Chain Management

CESCM at Howard University is a part of the School of Business’ Masters and undergraduate programs that strives to enhance the academic experience of our students by exposing them to the business community and getting them involved with corporate America and Supply Chain Management from the onset of their academic experience.